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More specifically, the participants' contributions put forward to discussion the following session titles:

  • Rural ageing: actors, structures, impacts
  • Civic engagement in rural areas
  • Disappearing and newly emerging basic services I + II
  • Newcomers and transient population in rural areas
  • Coming and staying: changing population structures
  • Newcomers as actors of rural change
  • Constructions of the rural I + II
  • Dimensions of rural quality of life
  • Rural governance and participatory processes I + II
  • EU policies and rural development
  • Economic structures and development of rural areas I + II
  • Rural energy transitions: exploring the rural dimension of socio-technical change I + II
  • Territorial disparities and spatial dynamics
  • The urban in the rural and the rural in the urban
  • Tourism and cultural landscapes: matters for rural development
  • The contemporary role of agriculture for rural areas I + II
  • Material and immaterial values of farmland
  • New forms of agriculture and food production
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