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Round table debate

Thursday, 15 June 11:30 -12:30

Subsequent to Luís Chaves' keynote on Community-Led Local Development, four panelists continued debating about EU rural policies. The guiding topic

"Shaping rural areas with EU policies: LEADER's achievements, impediments and the role of science"

launched a discussion on LEADER as a specific instrument of EU rural policies to shape rural spaces. In the debate we focused on three guiding questions:

  1. How important is LEADER within policies on rural development in different national contexts?
  2. Who is involved in the implementation of LEADER in the different national contexts? Are crucial actors missing?
  3. Which role does science play as an actor in LEADER implementation? Which role is science supposed to play?

The three participants in the round table debate represent both practitioners and scientists from different European countries with a particular expertise on rural development policies and their implementation:

Luís Chaves (MINHA TERRA, Portugal)

Sabine Weizenegger (Regional development agency Oberallgäu, Bavaria/ Germany)

Petra Raue (Thünen Institute of Rural Studies, Germany)

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